Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday deep thoughts

Happy Monday!!

If you are at all like me, you are not a Monday person. For me, it's getting up at 5:30 am for work, and like gets busy again. I get a little reprieve from the hectic life on Sundays and so Mondays are always a killer for me.

I am interested in your opinion today on a particular scrapbook related subject - the LIFT.

Recently, I have come across several pages that remind me a lot of some of my work. I think it's great if someone is inspired by something I have done and how I have done it. What I don't think is great, if it is realy too similar.

In my eyes a "lift" of a project is one where someone gets an idea from something you have done and takes it - makes it their own. What I don't think is a "lift" is when someone does what you did, and either uses the same products, and colours, when using something you did. That to me is copying and not "lifting".

Now, truth be told, I really do believe that no one has 100% their own ideas. People are inspired by a lot of things these days, especially with Pinterest being so big right now.

Also, I am not saying I am all so fabulous that people want to create like me - in fact, I think my way of crafting scrapbook pages is different enough that people just can't figure it out and don't like it.

Anyway - I am not here today to out anyone who has lifted my work. I am interested though, in people's thoughts on "scraplifting". Am I way off or on the money? When is a lift a lift? I really would love to hear what you think on the subject.


Amanda Johnson said...

I agree on this completely. I always worry when I find a layout that inspires me, and I "lift" it that I will end up having too much of a picture of the original in my mind and copy to closely, and vice versa with my own work. Love to inspire others and be inspired, but always want to be given due credit for MY design. It's definitely a sketchy area. I know personally,if I am inspired enough by a layout to lift it, I always give credit to the original and link back to that person/project.

TanyaW said...

Couldn't agree with you more!! I absolutely love scrap lifting. BUT...I'm not going to submit those pages to magazines or contest!! But I'm submitting for an inspiration challenge, definitely give credit where credit is due!!

Patricia Roebuck said...

This is so hard. But I agree with using an idea of someone's and making it your own vs. A direct lift. I know sometimes I do not hot things down but see something and remember what it was I liked. I always hope I don't do a direct lift. And then again some ideas have only one way to do them and will look like a direct lift. So hard. I know I inspired by your work ALL the time!!

Melissa said...

I use layouts a lot to lift, that being said I never go out and buy products that people use in their layouts, but if I like the placement of embellishments and the color combination, I am going to use it..I always try to give credit to the person who I got the idea from, but if I want to get a bunch done and I don't want to be too over whelmed then yes, a lift is the way to go..

Michelle said...

Page design is not my forte. This is why I use sketches, a lot. I like them. I think my pages flow better and the overall look of them is much better. That being said, I always give credit. I don't scraplift pages often, but I did lift a page a few months back. I also made sure to get permission first. But I also gave credit where credit is due and mine doesn't look like hers either. I would never turn in my scrap lifts as my own for a publication or anything either. I always give credit as well. As long as they aren't claiming them as their own, I see no problem with it and it is a compliment.

Melinda AKA medialady said...

Nicole, I love your layouts!
I am always looking for creative layouts and when I "lift" them, I am usually lifting it like a sketch -using my own papers, etc., just liking the design with the pictures.

Beatrice Lawson said...

Agree with all the previous comments... Using a LO as a starting point or as a sketch is fine as long as you credit the inspiration. Even if it ends up not resembling the original at all, credit is important and should always be given ! Actually copying a LO by using same products and photo placement is different, and I cannot imagine why anyone would post online or try to pass as their own? That should definitely be discouraged. However, if all you do is make a LO that you put in your own album without sharing online, maybe that is OK? I would be bored to tears copying everything and would never do it but I remember when I started out I used CK as an inspiration source and would be inspired by a sketch or colour combo and lift it. Since the page would only go into my album I felt that was fine.
If you think that someone is using your work and tryng to pass it as their own though you should certainly take steps to stop it. That is not cool!

StephD said...

I am one of the most unoriginal people ever. Here are my thoughts: In my mind I copy..I unfortunately am just not able to take a page I love and make it truly my own or pull inspiration from it. Yes, I add things or remove things, change journaling and add my own pictures but if everything else is the same it's copying. I feel like work of my "own" never measures up to DT work or work of other scrapbook artists, this is obviously a deep seeded personal issue that I need to work on. I will always find fault in my work even on a page that I've copied and will always compare the two. Now that that is out of the way...I would NEVER publish or post the work ANYWHERE. I complete the pages and into a scrapbook they go, I'm not sure if that makes it right or wrong???
Please no bashing!

Ruth G said...

This is definitely a problem if work is published/paid for in some way. Other than that it's just polite and respectful to always good to give credit where credit is due. I'm too particular about how I scrap to outright steal a layout from color/materials down the line, but I will let others know where I was inspired if that's the case. I created a whole trip album based on a layout by Laura Vegas. Nobody's seen it because I haven't photographed it, but when/if I do, I will be sure to give her credit for sending me on my merry scrapping way! I feel for you, Nicole! You always want to be positive, but it's hard if you feel like you've been "ripped off".